History of hydroelectric power plants in the Czech Republic #1

Hydroelectric power plant Nymburk
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In this miniseries we will focus on hydroelectric power plants in the Czech Republic. We will describe the basic parameters such as the power output, when the power plant was built or even the name of the architect who often designed interesting buildings.

The first hydroelectric power plant in the Czech Republic was built in 1887 in Jindřichův Hradec, which powered the public lighting in the square. In 1921, this power plant was supplemented by another turbine. The hydroelectric power station is still in use today. Since then, many small and larger hydroelectric power plants have been built and below we will present some of them.

Hydroelectric power plant Nymburk

The Nymburk Hydroelectric Power Plant was built in 1924. The buildings were designed by the architect František Roith, the technical solution was designed by Ing. Josef Bartovský and the designer of water structures Ing. Emil Zimmler. The hydropower plant is still in operation, the current turbine arrangement is 4x Francis turbines and 1x Kaplan turbine.

  • Total power: 1.33 MW
  • Construction: 1924
  • Annual production: 9.3 GWh
Hydroelectric power plant Nymburk

Hydroelectric power plant Hučák - Hradec Králové

  • Total power: 710 KW
  • Výstavba: 1912

The small hydroelectric power plant Hučák is located on the Elbe River in Hradec Králové. Construction began in 1909 according to the design of architect František Sander. There are 3 Francis turbines installed in the power plant, each with an output of 270 KW. The turbines are designed for a gradient of 3.5 m, a flow rate of 10 m³/s with a speed of 125 rp

Hydroelectric power plant Hučák - Hradec Králové

Hydroelectric power plant Poděbrady

  • Total power: 1 MW
  • Construction: 1923

The building was designed by an architect Antonín Engel. Electricity production is provided by 4x Francis turbines with a total output of 1 MW. In 2017 the building was declared a national technical monument.

Hydroelectric power plant Poděbrady

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